If you love art and want to know more about it, Artpal! is the show for you. Each season your new art pals Keith and Floris will walk you through a collection of art or architecture and talk about the work and the bigger issues involved, throwing in a joke here or there.  It’s like going to the museum with your most fun art friends.

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Season one is a guerrilla audioguide to a group of works on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (although you certainly don’t have to be at the museum to enjoy the show!). We dig into the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Kehinde Wiley, Morris Kantor, George Morrison, Alexa Horowchowski, and Chuck Close, among many others. Along the way, we discuss identity, sexism, the role of collectors and donors in museums, the history of portraiture, why museums do some of the things they do, and a lot of other issues.

Season two is about architecture, using buildings around downtown Minneapolis as examples to discuss bigger architectural ideas and issues.

About Your Hosts

Keith Pille is an art and culture writer who believes strongly that people want to talk about art in a way that’s smart but also accessible, and includes as many jokes as possible. He has a master’s in art history, has worked in most of the Twin Cities area’s major museums, and has also had side gigs as a cartoonist and musician. He lives in Minneapolis, the culturally dominant side of the Twin Cities.

Floris Lafontant is an art historian and recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas’ master of arts in art history program with a graduate certificate in museum studies. She believes that art education and museums should be both informative and entertaining. While she currently resides in St. Paul, she does not partake in the Twin Cities rivalry because Las Vegas is her favorite city for art, architecture, food, and entertainment. In addition to Artpal, Floris runs the Twin Cities Murals instagram, an account promoting the Twin Cities’ unique and vibrant mural environment.



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